We have been producing UV lacquer for over 30 years

Laner was founded in 1983. After serving as a chemical producer to various industries, Laner chose to specialize in a single subject and has focused its activities on UV lacquer production and development since 1991.

Laner specializes in the production and development of UV lacquers suitable for all business areas where UV coating is used, especially the printing industry.

Although UV technology was discovered in the recent past, it has shown rapid development, has been accepted all over the world and has become widespread in many industries.

Since UV lacquers meet the speed and practicality demanded by today’s world, and also create a decorative and durable surface, they are preferred by many industries such as printing, wood coating, plastic coating and others.

As a company who specializes in UV Lacquer production, Laner aims to continuously develop and diversify its products by working with the industry’s leading raw material manufacturers and research laboratories. Thus, Laner offers the highest quality products and the widest product range to many industries that use UV lacquer, especially printing.

As our sales volume increase steadily every year, we wish you to join our ever-increasing list of satisfied customers.